Paranormal & Ghost Society March Meeting

So far this was our biggest meeting at the Blue Martini so I thought I would share a photo from it. We had a total of 5 of us I ordered a giant burger with mushrooms on it. We discussed things like future investigations, our upcoming logo, and ideas for the Easter Party. Our meetings take place the last Wednesday of every month at the Blue Martini.

2005meetup.jpg (53888 bytes)


First PGS Easter BBQ Party

Subj: [ParanormalGhostSociety] Last Night's Party  
Date: 3/27/2005 10:47:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

Well the night is over and so is the party. We had a really nice turn out this time. As always a few people canceled and did not show when that happens it really is a loss to them.

We started off the party with an adult egg hunt in the dark. Christi, Angel and Me had put messages and candy in the eggs. Aaron got alot of the messages. He had to wear a thong and bra hahahaha. Chris said he is not hunting for eggs but secretly I seen him stuffing his pants.  Everybody really enjoyed this activity. 

Lee and Corey were busy shooting their pellet guns during the egg hunt but just about everybody who participated won something. Angel won a chocolate bunny and a stuffed animal, Aaron got chocolates, Cory got a chocolate bunny and so did Lee. We also were giving out beads for the men and women who flashed. 

We had a ton of food shrimp, cookies, macaroni salad, burgers, hotdogs and chips. Lots of food and lots of leftovers today haha.  I did not even singe my eyebrows this time either. We even had some crown which was pretty strong but by the end of the night I was feeling good lol. We had a nice variety of music too techno and rock. It was a pretty nice night full of great food. 

I took alot of photos I will add them hopefully in the next week or two onto the site. It was a nice show had all our investigators showed plus some.  This was our first Easter BBQ and hopefully we can do this tradition sometime again in the future.

It isn't a party without an adult Easter Egg Hunt To Bad None Of Them Are Not Aware Of What Is Inside These Eggs!

Copy of 2005easteregghunt9.jpg (37678 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteregghunt4.jpg (36167 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteregghunt5.jpg (29964 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteregghunt7.jpg (44813 bytes)

Copy of 2005easteregghunt10.jpg (34752 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteregghunt1.jpg (33905 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteregghunt2.jpg (29910 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteregghunt3.jpg (36640 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteregghunt6.jpg (24377 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteregghunt8.jpg (29931 bytes)

Never Say PGS Does Not Give You Anything....Hunting For Eggs Has Its Benefits!

Copy of 2005eastercoryprize.jpg (38248 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteraaronprize.jpg (36867 bytes)  Copy of 2005eastermyangel.jpg (34690 bytes)  2005easteraaronchristiballoon.jpg (32087 bytes)

The Party Is Really Gettin Started now.

Copy of 2005easterteam.jpg (33704 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteraaroneating.jpg (35815 bytes)  Copy of 2005eastertammyeating.jpg (32723 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterrickgrill.jpg (29231 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterleecory.jpg (35415 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterjarrodangel.jpg (33617 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterangelbarb.jpg (30269 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterleecory1.jpg (30114 bytes)

Copy of 2005easterparty.jpg (43057 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterjarrodparty.jpg (37649 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterleechrisporch.jpg (34418 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterteamporch.jpg (35032 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteraaronhotdog.jpg (39982 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterchristiangel.jpg (29406 bytes)  Copy of 2005eastertammycory.jpg (33531 bytes)

Copy of 2005easterrickkitchen.jpg (30274 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterchristiangelbed.jpg (44298 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterangel.jpg (25453 bytes)

The founder always gets top prizes especially after the party don't forget it ladies. Now where is that threesome egg that I hid?  hehe!

Copy of 2005eastermy2girls.jpg (36004 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterangelthrilled.jpg (27676 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterangelrickcuddlin.jpg (30609 bytes)  Copy of 2005eastermygirls.jpg (29099 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterrickangelsteps.jpg (34517 bytes)

Lee & Cory decided to drop out of investigating for the weekend and become our official bouncers. It seems they have everything under control!

Copy of 2005easterguns1.jpg (23395 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterguns3.jpg (35813 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterguns4.jpg (32985 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterguns2.jpg (27713 bytes)  Copy of 2005teamguns.jpg (30584 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterguns5.jpg (47440 bytes)

Click Here: Video Of Lee & Cory Taking This Party Very Seriously

I told you the Easter Bunny Was Coming To The Party But Nobody Believed Me Guess I Just Have To Show Proof! (Better luck next time Aaron when finding them Easter eggs)

Copy (2) of 2005easterbunny2.jpg (25767 bytes)  Copy (2) of 2005easterbunny7.jpg (19599 bytes)  Copy (2) of 2005easterbunny3.jpg (36871 bytes)  Copy (2) of 2005easterbunny4.jpg (29784 bytes)  Copy (2) of 2005easterbunny6.jpg (35113 bytes)  Copy (2) of 2005easterbunny1.jpg (48750 bytes)  Copy (2) of 2005easterbunny5.jpg (33823 bytes)

Can We Say Comatose? We got Aaron lost in space, Chris loving life, and Cory having a hard time finding the restroom. 

Copy of 2005easteraaronfood.jpg (42816 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteraaronbed.jpg (34950 bytes)  Copy of 2005eastertammybed1.jpg (42683 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteraarontoast.jpg (38947 bytes)  Copy of 2005eastercorypeeing.jpg (34695 bytes)  Copy of 2005easteraaroncookie.jpg (25987 bytes)  Copy of 2005easterchrisdoritos.jpg (31284 bytes)

And...... (Drum Roll) For the #1 guest who rolled her eyes at us all night, complained about the food, was rude to everybody, rubbed her feet on our pillows, fell asleep for two hours, left the party without saying bye, and vanished for three months off our team only to reappear. I give the PGS Party Pooper award to Tammy with solid evidence below! 

  Copy of 2005eastertammybed.jpg (35977 bytes)

Just wait till you see the next party state tuned!



Founders 30th Luau Birthday Party

May 28th 2005

luaurickparty.jpg (40192 bytes)  luauricklaid.jpg (36511 bytes)  luaurickcandles.jpg (47918 bytes)  luautable.jpg (36542 bytes)  luaurickbeer.jpg (32953 bytes)  luaurickjackiedes.jpg (36546 bytes)  luaubackyard.jpg (50079 bytes)

More Photos Further Below!

Well my Luau birthday party is over and I think today I will be spending it cleaning up my backyard hahaha. We had a nice little set up this time. We had tiki lights and torches. The whole party was a Hawaiian type of theme very different from previous parties and events held. We had shiskabobs, baked chicken, rice and burgers. We also had alot of soda, beer, and mixed drinks. It was nice cause we had an equal amount of girls as to guys so definitely an improvement.

The party got started off with some of us guys playing football. Then we played a couple adult games of course Chris won and then Cory won the second game. You had to wear a blind fold and pin a target on a poster even the girls played it was a blast. I played even one round but Christi and Chris spun me around so many times I got dizzy fell on my ass they had to catch me. 

We then had these pig races hahaha it was so funny seeing all of us running on all fours but hey its all good. You would be surprised what my pals will do just to get a prize lol. All my paranormal investigators showed including some of their friends so we had an okay showing for the evening. I tried so hard to find a female companion or date rather and everybody either stood me up, rejected me, or showed up for a quick hello and that's it :::pouts::: guess its tough being the groups founder at times.

It was a strange night though cause we had two guest show up leave and not come back. We always get a few rude ones at our events where they say hi to everybody an go anti social rednecks lol. We then had a group of people show that Aaron's friend brought over and they came attacked the cooler and did not even really say hi to me. So it was one of those nights where things were just getting crazy with a mix of different people.

We had the torches lit I was playing for awhile in the fire eventually we went upstairs and ate my cake. We had a special cake done up just for the party it was pretty cool with ghost and stuff on it. Everybody sang to me I was blushing and that does not happen often lol. Besides the fact that getting older is not any fun still I got the biggest long jump, I can slam dunk a basketball, run the fastest, hike 8 miles without a problem, and shoot a hockey puck 100 feet an score so bla I am not over the hill yet:)

After we had cupcakes and cake we went outdoors had a tribal session lol ahhh Luau parties so much fun!! Then each of us put on a grass skirt and hula hooped for everybody. I completely stripped down to no clothes and put the grass skirt around hahaha cause it was a dare. They just do not know me that well ::::Grins:::: then Chris got on the air conditioner and the grass skirt blew up he was posing like he was Marilyn Monroe. Then Lee did a funny hula as he extended his arm out he kept it going for a little bit. Cory of course I video taped cause he put on the grass skirt grabbed a torch and started chasing me hahaha. I guess you could say it was a pretty wild intense party but EVERYBODY enjoyed themselves!

All in all it was a nice party and as I keep telling others on my message boards and societies if you do not make yourselves known your going to miss out on making true friends and great parties. These parties we do we mix them up with fun, games, food, and many other things so that everybody has a chance to enjoy themselves.

I did not get any presents this year and the wish I wanted did not come true but I was happy that my buds showed and made my birthday a better day. I still am quite sad though maybe not sad but more like disappointed cause when you look at all the parties so far we have had, all the things we do for our members, and the one thing very few show me is appreciation. Hell if some of you members appreciated me you would have been at my birthday party to show you care. Honestly I am finding out no matter what I do for some people here some of you refuse to meet me half way or its just not good enough. 

When I moved from NY 100s of people write me now wanting to go to our events, parties, investigations etc etc and now they cannot cause we are here in Florida and they are one year to late. People often do not know what they have till its gone and alot of those people that write me now were once lurkers too or inconsiderate members till they realized that what we do here is for real. But it does hurt when you have 1500 members and 4-5 wish you a happy birthday.

It hurts worst that you throw such a great party and no new members from the group show or even the ones who been here for a couple years. What makes you feel bad is you know you threw a great party that so many missed out on. I could understand the first few parties but now there is no excuse we been in Florida a year and half we hold our meets and parties we share photos with you all. We allow you to get involved unlike other groups out there but there is no excuse for members who live so close yet do not take any type of initiative. The excuses no longer work with me because you know more about us then we do you. We been on television, we are in books, we have had now how many parties with 100s of photos?

We do not expect anything from anybody what we would like to see though is friendships formed, people getting involved and caring about what we do. For me last night was a milestone hell I am lucky to be alive really. But after last night's party I know who in this group I can trust and who cares. The members who did not show tells me they do not appreciate the work I do if people did they would have been their because they would have cared about me not as an owner but as a friend. People need to realize that I put my heart and soul into what I do but I also am a person not a tool, book, object etc I work hard but I work even harder to unite our members together. Part of being a PGS member is doing what you can to help us by posting, donating, showing to a party, being a friend, etc etc so many ways to help but being a true member now that is a rare find.

But anyways the party was fun and we already discussed our next party. I will not tell you what it is. I know we may have a small 4th of July get together with loads of fireworks. But we are talking about doing a party in the future very paranormal groups have ever done trust me its good ::Grins:: me and my crazy ideas.  I will be making the photos available for everybody to see later today its pretty wild and crazy but you'll enjoy them! I will announce it when I do!
PGS Founder

Luau Tribal Battles Winner Become Chief!

luaubattles.jpg (30560 bytes)  luauchrisricky.jpg (30355 bytes)  luauleeaarond.jpg (36866 bytes)  luauaaronground.jpg (40296 bytes)  luauchristiaaron.jpg (27466 bytes)  luaubattles1.jpg (31062 bytes)  luauaaronsword.jpg (28236 bytes)

We are the champs of Hula Hooping Wooo lets shake it and get wild an crazy for you girls! haha

 luauaarondgrassskirt.jpg (29984 bytes)  luaurickyhula.jpg (30101 bytes)  luaurickhula.jpg (33493 bytes)  luauchrisbareass.jpg (31981 bytes)  luauaarondskirt.jpg (29872 bytes)  luauaaronhulahooping.jpg (38301 bytes)  luauleehula.jpg (38496 bytes)  luaurickbareasshaha.jpg (23041 bytes)  

Lots Of Great Food and A Spooky Cake gave us a reason to have the munchies!

luaucake.jpg (40500 bytes)  luaurickcake.jpg (37262 bytes)  luauaaronlaid.jpg (13390 bytes)  luaurickgrill.jpg (40827 bytes)  luaupartyinside.jpg (33644 bytes)  luauaarondrink.jpg (31120 bytes)

Line Up Cause Its Game Time PGS Style! (Pig Races, Pin Though Ya know what lol)

luaupigraces.jpg (30434 bytes)  luaurickground.jpg (45899 bytes)  luauchrisfinishline.jpg (33784 bytes)  luauchrisfootball.jpg (35578 bytes)  luaumollyposter.jpg (39932 bytes)  luauchrisposter.jpg (31225 bytes)

luaucorytable.jpg (30522 bytes)  luauteamgames.jpg (36999 bytes)  luaugames.jpg (33228 bytes)  luaugames1.jpg (34044 bytes)

Lets Mingle & Party!

luaumolly.jpg (28038 bytes)  luauparty1.jpg (33073 bytes)  luauparty2.jpg (44081 bytes)  luaurickhouse.jpg (28104 bytes)  luaulaid.jpg (40826 bytes)  luaucory.jpg (35016 bytes)  luauchristouchingself.jpg (37802 bytes)

luauleeground.jpg (31887 bytes)  luauricktopless.jpg (23647 bytes)  luaurickfingers.jpg (26782 bytes)  luauricksword.jpg (54345 bytes)  luauteamparty.jpg (37390 bytes)  luautableparty.jpg (64353 bytes)

  Taking the prize is all what its about lol!! 

luauchrisprize.jpg (30090 bytes)  luauprizes.jpg (40115 bytes)

You Would Be Surprised As To What I Can Do With Fire Light The Torches!

luaurickfire.jpg (31124 bytes)

Hey can we say party like a porn star? Hey look everybody its Marilyn Monroe!

luauchriscoconuts.jpg (36483 bytes)  luauchrisposing.jpg (32335 bytes)  luauchrisgrassskirt.jpg (45909 bytes)

Who are these mysterious girls who attacked the ice chest and did not even say hello to me welcome to Deland where the girls come and go faster then a midnight crow?

luaugirls.jpg (20553 bytes)

And finally a new chief came to be at our PGS Luau Party (Video below photo!)

  luaucorygrasskirt.jpg (37189 bytes)

Click Here: Chief Cory Tribal Dance Video


2005 PGS Independence Day Bash

Well its the end of another group 4th of July party and If I ever been exhausted I would have to say tonight would be the night. If my commentary seems a little out of whack or typing its probably cause I had a veryyyyyy long day.  The party started at around 5:30pm and once again Nobody from the groups, boards etc showed my roommate Jason and his good friend Francis showed. Its nice to see at least someone show even if they are not in the group.  I am getting to old, tired and just exhausting senseless energy for strangers and sadly nobody cares these days its ashamed sighs. Back years ago people were all about having a beer, steak on the grill, listening to music and making new friends.

We started off the party blowing bottle rockets. Jason and I split on fireworks we had ALOT lol. I had to run out get ice for the cooler. I tried something different which was having the party on the lower porch and out front of the house. This was the last party at this house since I am moving so if you did not show to this one you really missed out cause this house is very amazing actually. I like to give tours to those that show to the party.

We had alot of fun with bottle rockets for awhile I was aiming them at Jason and we were making all kinds of different experiments. We would take a firecracker attaching it to a bottle rocket, we had jacks bouncing all over, and we blew off some roman candles. Oh it was a blast cause you would be amazed what you can do with these things. I took some photos you'll see. A few times we put some in the grill and it sounded like popcorn a few took a half hour to go off pretty odd really. Then I lit a smoke bomb and sat over it and it burnt my ass trust me that smoke gets hotter then you think. That was not the only time I burned my ass either I was taking a photo of the table with all its food and sat right onto the grill by accident. But its okay my tattoo suffered no injuries lol.

I cooked out steaks on the grill I marinated them for a day so they were really tasty then as they were cooking we used Budweiser on them damn best steak I ever ate in my life (I swear) . Why I slow cooked them we played football and Frisbee. Everybody on the street was watching us play the kids got some nice throws in. Then I took out the tiki torches and put them around the table. We had steaks, hotdogs, burgers, potato salad, macaroon salad, chips, brownies, and lots of Budweiser haha. We ate so much cause nobody showed and trust me I don't give my members steak on the menu often lol so this was a very rare occasion to bad so sad you missed out. 

Anyways we started blowing off more fireworks the kids were playing with the sparklers to bad more kids did not show we had so many of the damn things along with the pops which I was throwing at Jason. It was getting dark so we started doing our pretty Ariel fireworks and fountains. Francis was praying in the smoke, Jason was dancing in the fountains and me I just did it all I will not say much cause I have photos to prove it and this year lots of Video footage lol. But I guarantee you will get a good laugh at least for the ones who could not be here because they live so far away. Oh and of course for that one nice member who had a birthday on the 4th of July yes I made sure I lit one just for you hehehehe it was a roman candle that is all I will say:) Jason and I had a few fireworks backfire one of them shot sideways missed me by inches haha but I survived no burns just my ass lol.

Then I made a beer bomb I will not say much but lets put it this way we all got splattered with beer. Jason launched one out of my back pocket then he chased me with another I was running all over the place today lol. One he threw and somehow it flung under my chair and went off lol when I was sitting down. We had just tons of fun with the fireworks, bloopers, I only wish members and others would have shown to see the display we put off. It was our biggest so far with a few hundred fireworks we still got a bag left probably blow the rest off tomorrow.  Our grand finale for tonight was this one that shot balls of light up in the area and came down with a giant shower it was pretty nice. 

I noticed by the end of the evening the whole neighborhood was hiding and now they know that my parties are insane or perhaps that I am. But we had alot of food, fireworks, beverages and fun. After the party I cut up a water melon and the kids ate almost the whole thing. I had a few slices to mmmm. We then put in a couple movies and it really turned out to be a nice party.

The downside to it is there will not be another party for a fairly long time, this will be the last party at this house which really is sad, and I spent alot of money which in a way was a waste cause nobody showed. I am in the middle of starting a law suit and If I get the money I am entitled too I may just consider moving out of the country if it happens that will be that. Some people on these groups are just not ready for real friendship, good times, group involvement or even me as a person. I been running groups of all kinds over the years, ghost tours, paranormal investigations, romance get togethers, parties, meets, etc and In the end you start to see that 1 percent of the people care and 99 can careless. Then you get those ones that pretend like they didn't know their was a party or the ones that tell me they wish to come 3 hours into the party. 

Other then that on the good side no cops were called on us despite Jason roaring at the top of his lungs, my sons mega belches, me shooting bottle rockets from every angle, and Francis rain dancing in the smoke lol. It was an odd 4th of July though we got real lucky cause a storm passed over us but strangely it did not rain so I guess all our dancing and prancing was for nothing lol. Anyways with that in mind they say a photo says a 1000 words. The videos and photos should be coming out in a day or two which I took alot of. I guess with all the leftovers and beer I will be busy for a few days I want to thank all them members for not showing now that means I am going to get fat on leftovers lol and now I definitely will have to plan a forest trip this weekend with hiking to lose it all shame shame. Then again I will probably lose it as global warming has recently been shriveling the local community up at least their minds. Welcome to Florida Goodbye Florida! 

Let the Ceremony Begin!!

04thofjulyolympictorch.jpg (25332 bytes)

04thofjulyrickfootball.jpg (44840 bytes)  04thofjulyricknumber1.jpg (37133 bytes)  04thofjulyrickjumping.jpg (47489 bytes)  04thofjulydaddyjarrod.jpg (49075 bytes)  04thjulyrickfrisbee.jpg (49818 bytes)  04thofjulyjarrodfrisbee.jpg (56482 bytes)

Great Times, Great Food & Great Beer!

04thofjulyfrancisdogs.jpg (52614 bytes)  04thjulybudcase.jpg (39812 bytes)  04thjulyjasongrill.jpg (42943 bytes)  4thofjulyricksteaks.jpg (51787 bytes)  04thofjulysteaks.jpg (54074 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonsalad.jpg (51237 bytes)  04thofjulyrickeating.jpg (35594 bytes)

04thofjulyrickgrill.jpg (39984 bytes)  04thofjulyrickgrill1.jpg (48249 bytes)  04thofjulydinner.jpg (58013 bytes)  04thofjulycoldones.jpg (40284 bytes)  04thofjulykidsdogs.jpg (39058 bytes)

Their is your way and their is the PGS Way!

  04thofjulyrickjarrod.jpg (23564 bytes)  04thofjulyfrancisjarrod.jpg (22900 bytes)  04thofjulyrickflame.jpg (45025 bytes)  04thofjulyricktorch.jpg (50561 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonlighter.jpg (32251 bytes)  04thofjulyrick2beers.jpg (46185 bytes)  04thofjulyrickchair.jpg (36768 bytes)

The Paranormal & Ghost Society Is Known For Its Amazing Firework Displays! (Folks Do NOT Try This At Home)

This is a paranormal experiment we are signaling for flying saucers do you believe me?

04thofjulyfireworks.jpg (51584 bytes)  04thofjulyfireworks1.jpg (50447 bytes)  04thofjulybottlerocketjason.jpg (44561 bytes)  04thofjulyricksmoke1.jpg (20740 bytes)  04thofjulykidssparklers.jpg (23242 bytes)  04thofjulyplugears.jpg (25050 bytes)  04thofjulyfireworks5.jpg (19585 bytes)

04thrickbottlerocket.jpg (43776 bytes)  04thofjulyricksmokebomb.jpg (35804 bytes)  04thofjulyricksmoke.jpg (35336 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonlighting.jpg (45619 bytes)  04thofjulycanfireworks.jpg (55735 bytes)  04thofjulyrickjumping1.jpg (14885 bytes)  04thofjulyricksparklers.jpg (19183 bytes)  04thofjulyricksparklers1.jpg (21476 bytes)

04thofljulyrickbottlerocket.jpg (29078 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonsparks.jpg (25669 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonpowwow.jpg (31152 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonfireworks.jpg (22184 bytes)  04thofjulyfrancisfountain.jpg (37938 bytes)  04thofjulyfireworks2.jpg (29798 bytes)  04thofjulyfireworks4.jpg (27751 bytes)

04thofjulyjasonplate.jpg (18292 bytes)  04thofjulyjasongrill.jpg (43123 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonmonster.jpg (22781 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonfireworks1.jpg (27500 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonsparkler.jpg (33527 bytes)  04thjulyjasonfireworks.jpg (26153 bytes)  04thofjulyjasonsparklers.jpg (25145 bytes)  04thofjulyjames.jpg (13715 bytes)

Ok I lied we had many different members show to our party the non living! How many faces do you see? 

04thofjulyjasonromancandle.jpg (31835 bytes)  04thofjulyghost.jpg (48657 bytes)

"The Platters: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"

04thofjulycrying.jpg (37737 bytes)  04thjulyjasonsmoke.jpg (31028 bytes)

Like I said the weather was clear for the 4th of July hell so clear even the moon appeared earlier then expected!

04thofjulyjasonsass.jpg (40185 bytes)

What can I say its a free country!

04thofjulyrickpipe.jpg (17785 bytes)

To finish off the night we had water melon & double fudge brownies!

04thofjulyrickwatermelon.jpg (38523 bytes)

PGS 4th Of July's Funniest Videos!

Click Here: Rick's Grand Finale  Click Here: Jason's Vanishing Act   Click Here: Budweiser Bomb Explosion

Click Here: Jason Becomes Rocket Man   Click Here: Rick Dancing At The Party

Click Here: Rick Inventing the Crotch Rocket  Click Here: Rick Launches A Rocket

Click Here: Let Us Spark Your Interest With PGS


Hurriween Party 2005 

Well the night is over and now its time to fill everybody in on one of our funnest parties I throw every year. Sometimes our parties really bring out the inner child but nothing makes me more happy then making others smile. I seen a lot of people make new friends tonight and that is what matters most.
The party started off very slow I got a little worried cause believe me its the hardest thing to get others off that computer lol. But Rich and his wife were the first ones to arrive. It was nice to see a member show to 2 events in one week so a special thank you since they had to drive from Kissimmee.  It was funny I sensed someone was here peaked around the door and there they were.
We had a lot of great food brownies, pizza, cookies, soda, beer, snacks etc. I did not get to cook the hot dogs though lol oh well gotta stay fit for future investigations.  I even went out bought different things for children like bubbles, spider kits, candy etc. But no kids showed and my boys were wired on the candy that I put out lol. I wish that more members would bring there children on over my kids felt bad they had no other kids to play with.

Then Tree and Larry showed to the party. Now I know she wore her fishnets just for me lol but we will not go into my likes haha. Larry brought chili and some rum. It was so funny cause he dressed like an infant. I really admire anybody who has the balls to do that. I think I shocked some because this year I was a priest. I figured since so many think I am a bad boy I could cover it up with a more pure figure lol.

Frances a friend of mine had a few beers he was baked so Jason and I picked on him all night by scaring him with mask. He hit the bed early so if a 61 year old man can toke with me drink a few beers then I guess PGS is starting to rub off on others lol. Tree she was teasing me all night I think my photography starting turning towards party Pics to pose for me pictures:) One of the great things about me being a photography is you would be amazed at the different types of photography I am able to perform:)

Then Christine and her boyfriend showed she was a fairy and he was a vampire they brought soda, cookies, and beer thanks guys:). They one the prize for best costume cause they both dressed up, had used make up and had some really original costumes. They were dark and of course I am a lover of the dark anything to do with gothic fairies, vampires etc really deserves first prize so great job. Some how I must had known Christine liked to bake cause she got a towel, cookie cutters for Halloween, and a matching set of oven pads.

We also had a dart contest where we had to hit the dark where we live. I did it as a joke cause as you know hurricane Wilma is very powerful and their is a 99 percent chance currently its coming our way. Christine came very close to the X but Tree got it on part of the X. She one a special sucker and Halloween bear knickknack. I bought the dart board for the party and it will be used for future events so that we can have more fun so practice them darts.

Eventually from myspace Carolyn Ann and her friend showed. They both one the door prize cause I had a raffle. I believe they won a classic scary DVD and a candle. I wish I had a prize for the most beautiful ladies or sexy costumes cause Carolyn Ann dressed like a sexy snow white and her friend a sexy bunny in short little dresses. But if they read this I thought they both really had adorable costumes trust me I see the efforts and it made me happy that many dressed for the party in costumes. I think the ladies looked very nice and they both smelled so good wooo hehe.  Christine said Rick I know what your thinking ehhh what can I say I was a bad priest tonight. They did not stay long but they did learn a little about our group. I usually can tell when others don't feel comfortable around me. I guess my open-mindedness, silly sense of humor and craziness can be a little to overwhelming for some. But this is the type of group we run we like to party, have fun, see a ghost or two and make friends along the way. Also ladies if you are writing a column next time just ask for an interview I do not mind giving others a story for Halloween haha.

The party was starting to die down a little as slowly everybody started to go home. I had more prizes to give out and games but sometimes you just have so much fun you tend to forget about things:) Everybody contributed in one way or another with the party. I must say I spent hours decorating for the party all the way from the spider webs, streamers, decorations, candles, lit pumpkins, candles, figurines etc my entire apartment was decorating. So it really was nice even Christine noticed I decorated more compared to when she was here a few days ago at my place. So a lot of time and effort went into the planning of this party.

I took a lot of photos during the party and I know some of you are going to laugh so hard when you see some. I always capture the moment believe me. But it was a lot of fun with everybody bringing something and what I put together we had enough to go around plenty.

Everytime I throw a gathering or party I like to discuss the upsides to it. But I also discuss the downsides not because I am being mean but because as your host and a leader to many groups some of you need to understand the entirety to such events. We did have quite a few people that did not show and said they would. Its rude its actually very disheartening that they do not even email you or call. Does it hurt my feelings yes because everytime I take down a guest list for my parties I go to the store buy extra food, beer etc for people who never show.  You must understand how bad I feel when some members have missed so many events or they sit on my friends list or even groups for months without any participation even if its just to say hello to me.

But I also want to say that if you did not show it was your loss I had plenty of prizes to give out left at the end of the night and Halloween is usually the only time I give out gifts to my members. But some of you missed out on making new friends, great food, and a great time. Some of you got to start realizing that real friendships cannot just be formed over a computer. I cannot stress this enough you can say hey Rick next party next party but someday their will not be a next party and those are the times you will be missing. Then some of you make up excuses like I had one woman contact me a half hour before the party wanting to go. She then hinted she would just wait till next years Halloween Party cause it was getting to close to the party time and she still was not ready. Save your excuses this is a group that accepts people for who they are it does not matter how you look, whether you drink or do not, whether your even into the paranormal as much as I am. But when I throw parties I let all my groups get involved I run and I even invite others off my other services I use like myspace. Just so others can learn about who we are and have some fun. You cannot help feeling a little disappointed when you think certain people are your friends and they just do not show. But for the ones who live nearby their is no excuse you been hiding for months and honestly I am somebody you should not have to hide from.

As far as the party went it we had all a lot of fun everybody took home some prizes. I took lots of pictures and this is our 3rd straight Halloween Party that went very well. Oh and Anna I toked one just for you even got the photos to prove it. I mean I like being who I am and I feel that if you come on out listen to what I got to say you might really see our groups or myself is not such a bad thing.  Hell Larry was sucking a baby bottle with rum in it so how bad of a party could it have been haha.

I guess now with the party over we better get ready for this mega hurricane heading our way may not be without power for a few days once it hits. I got everything cleaned up this morning. Now it looks like Ill be eating lots of leftovers and drinking some beers tonight during charmed lol.

The Calm Before The Storm

1halloweenmylittleman.jpg (43170 bytes)  1halloweenlivingroom.jpg (40561 bytes)  1halloweenfoyer.jpg (32384 bytes)

Its confession time and I Have Been Very Bad!

1halloweenrickbeer.jpg (33563 bytes)

Plenty Of Food & Drinks For Everybody we had pizzas, beer, soda, cookies, candy, chips, brownies, chili, etc 

1hallloweenrickbeerfizzing.jpg (40784 bytes)  1halloweenjasonpizza.jpg (29775 bytes)  1halloweenfridge.jpg (46585 bytes)  1halloweenchristinefridge.jpg (43304 bytes)  1hallloweenfrancisbeer.jpg (30294 bytes)

Tree was astounded when she found out that I baked her special brownies.

1halloweenbrowniestree.jpg (53285 bytes)  1halloweentreebrownie.jpg (48564 bytes)  1halloweentreebrownies.jpg (54953 bytes)

Damn Ladies You All Looked Hot As Hell I have gone to Halloween Heaven ....Do not worry next year Ill make it a top priority to give out prizes for sexiest costumes!

1halloweenrickgirls.jpg (33936 bytes)  1halloweenrickandtree.jpg (20008 bytes)

The Party Is Really Getting Started!

1halloweenjasonchristi.jpg (44030 bytes)  1halloweenpartying.jpg (44705 bytes)  1halloweenpartying3.jpg (34088 bytes)  1halloweenpartying1.jpg (36177 bytes)  1halloweenpartying4.jpg (34191 bytes)  1halloweenkids.jpg (46526 bytes)  1halloweenpartying5.jpg (24948 bytes)

1halloweenrichhallwaygirls.jpg (36461 bytes)  1halloweenrichpriestrick.jpg (30214 bytes)  1halloweenrichsnowhtbunny.jpg (36232 bytes)  1halloweentreeuptonogood.jpg (42343 bytes)  1halloweentree.jpg (32032 bytes)  1halloweenlarrydiaper.jpg (37384 bytes)  1halloweengirlskitchen.jpg (35094 bytes)

1halloweentreechair.jpg (38983 bytes)  1halloweenlarry.jpg (40483 bytes)  1halloweenrichbaby.jpg (37775 bytes)  1halloweenrichchristine.jpg (48798 bytes)  1halloweenrichchristinerick.jpg (41779 bytes)  1halloweenrichkitchen.jpg (44137 bytes)

Do not worry Anna I Sinned Just For You As Promised! Peace be with you PGS Members!

1hallloweenricktoking.jpg (35743 bytes)  1halloweenrickbong.jpg (19672 bytes)

And we have a lucky winner! Its Dart time!

1rickraffle.jpg (30405 bytes)  1halloweendarts1.jpg (29151 bytes)  1halloweendarts2.jpg (21362 bytes)  1halloweendarts3.jpg (21753 bytes)

Thrills & Chills Were also present at the party I wonder who the Tree Monster is?

1halloweenscares.jpg (34567 bytes)  1halloweenrickevilpriest.jpg (29527 bytes)  1halloweenrickbad.jpg (28867 bytes)  1halloweenfrances.jpg (36758 bytes)  1halloweenchristine.jpg (40473 bytes)  1halloweentreemonster.jpg (42425 bytes)  1halloweenlarrychair.jpg (37300 bytes)

Half Baked or the Full way there? You Decide!

1halloweenjasonrick.jpg (37145 bytes)

1halloweentoking.jpg (27073 bytes)  1halloweenrichbaby1.jpg (33004 bytes)  1halloweenchristineleg.jpg (31370 bytes)  1halloweentreebonnet.jpg (41827 bytes)  1halloweengirls.jpg (37181 bytes)  1halloweenjasonnudist.jpg (32223 bytes)  1halloweenfrancesbaked.jpg (18294 bytes)  1hallloweenfrancisbaked.jpg (39977 bytes)

The Best Halloween Costume Winners

1halloweencostumeprizes.jpg (42262 bytes)

We hope you had a spooktacular time see you at next years Halloween Party! Next year Ill need a nurse, she devil and French maid!