In 1964 the first Sea World was opened in San Diego (Mission Bay) of course their is a lot of history to that theme park but the one started in Orlando Florida was born in 1973 making the park today over thirty years of age. With over 200 acres of rides, sea animals, and shows its millions of visitors have made this one of the most popular theme parks. People visiting here can learn about the sea and interact with various mammals like dolphins and other sea life. In the year 2000 Discover Cove Orlando's 100 Million dollar sister park opened up where visitors could swim with the dolphins.  Some of the most famous attractions here are the Kraken Roller Coaster, Journey To Atlantis water ride and of course the amazing killer whale Shamu. 

Doing Sea World for me was not so much about how many ghost I could photograph. It was not about records or anything of the sort. It was more about sharing with the people who are fans of the site the love I have for Sea Life. My favorite creatures are Orcas and Dolphins. I think about them often along with other sea life. Being able to share with others my visit here with my sons really is an honor. I mean sure I investigated it but when your dealing with 1000s of other people around you an investigation like this becomes pure luck of catching or you just have really good abilities of knowing when something is near. 

Like most theme parks deaths do occur I mean rides kill people and I have been told that a few trainers have died trying to tame these wild Orcas. Some perhaps drowned or maybe even mauled to death. Orcas are the faster swimming whale, are capable of splashing water at greater distances then any whale at great force, can beach themselves to eat seals, and have a full set of razor sharp teeth. They call them killer whales because they can hunt their prey down when they need to feed unlike other whales who feed on plankton swimming slowly along. These whales travel by families and often are very protective of their young. They require alot of attention, space and of course other Orcas around them.  Orcas can get almost up to 4,000 Kg and 30' in length. Shamu at Orlando's Sea World is by far the biggest one I have seen in any Marine show or even doing research. 

I have found below a piece of an article on a death which occurred at Orlando Sea World as I am sure their have been others. But perhaps this will help answer your question of why we may have possible paranormal activity within the theme park. Sometimes when such traumatic tragedies take place that energy lingers on. 

In 1991, a 11,000-pound orca named Tillikum, along with two female whales, drowned a young part-time trainer named Keltie Byrne at Sealand of the Pacific in Canada. The incident was hauntingly similar to Ky's attack in San Antonio: The earlier attack occurred in front a horrified audience, which watched helplessly as one of the killer whales grabbed Byrne in its mouth and dragged her around the pool, mostly underwater. The entire incident played out over several long minutes. "The whales weren't trying to kill Byrne, but Tillikum and his Orca companions didn't know that humans can't hold their breath as long as whales," says The HSUS's Rose.

Tillikum was later shipped to Sea World of Orlando where he would be implicated in another human death. A man, who had apparently stayed in the park after closing hours, jumped into Tillikum's tank in July 1999. He was found dead the next morning, naked and draped across the whale. The man's swim trunks were found in the water, and his body was scraped up, a sign that Tillikum had dragged him around the bottom and sides of the tank. (Tillikum, incidentally, is Ky's father.)

Now to go a little back into Sea World's history the only one out four founding fathers still lives today by the name of Millay. He was president all the way up until 1974 where he was ousted from presidency that is when ye resigned from the board. At the time I believe that the board thought of him as a dreamer when at the time the crowds were not very high. Eventually after his presidency he invested into Wet 'n Wild water park chains.  In 1976 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich a schoolbook publishing company owned and purchased Sea World. They also owned the Boardwalk and Baseball Park in Haines City and Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven Florida.  Those places closed in 1990.  In 1980 Anheuser-Busch purchased Sea World and later in 1995 Cypress Gardens which closed just 8 years later. Today they own 9 them parks including Tampa Bay Busch Gardens. Anheuser-Busch was very big on wildlife conservation so the company put alot of work into Sea World re-changing the theme park with expansions which fit their image will. Anheuser-Busch produced Budweiser The King Of Beers.

Of course today if you were to visit Sea World you would see the Clydesdale Horses, Brewery where you could learn about beer and sample it. Their is also the Shamu Stadium, Dolphin Cove, Wild Arctic, Pirate Ship,  Sea Lion Stadium, Shark Encounter where their is this under water tunnel, Penguin encounter and so much more. The place is very mystical perhaps how I would describe it as is exotic as if you really pay attention you will see wild parrots, crystal blue waters, lighthouse, observation tower it really is a world of its own.

So their you have it a nice little ghost story to go with a fantastic time. We may investigate here another time but honestly I do not know. In all do honesty my opinion of Sea World is that everybody should do it at least once but by the time you pay 8 dollars in parking, purchase tickets for yourself and kids you will be out a few hundred dollars which is perhaps even more expensive then Disney World. I mean with the millions of visitors I think that everybody should have an opportunity to visit but imagine how many that cannot afford to so perhaps keeping these beautiful sea creatures in captivity is a sin in itself so I was lucky enough to have had this chance to go here. With final saying..... is Sea World haunted that is the question? Well over the years with a few accidental deaths I am sure when the lights go off and everybody goes home the real sea show begins. 



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