The old Spring Hill Cemetery sits deep in the heart of the Brooksville Forest on an overgrown road that twist and turns. It literally smells of death and from what I understand is that before it became a cemetery a Seminole battle took place here. It does look like a battlefield as its a giant clearing in the woods on a hill. 

Some people say its the oldest black cemetery in Hernando County others say that it did not began its burials till the later 1800s. In my opinion despite how hard it is to find its a very over visited place by many other paranormal enthusiast in the area. I would prefer if others stayed out its vandalized and deserves to be left alone you can see ghost in almost any cemetery. The only difference here and there is the history much like any place you visit.

I have heard it from multiple people that the cemetery was the hanging grounds for slaves some say its the tree at the entrance problem is most of the trees are no more then a century old accept one in the back which looks more like the tree they are talking about. Many of the graves are near its dirt road which loops around the entire hill. Many of the slaves were hung and buried right in the dirt given no ceremony and no stone. 

There is not one white individual buried in this cemetery and often people see apparitions dangling from the tree limbs...they hear cries in the night...and even see apparitions throughout the cemetery. I am not sure how true all of this is could be residual since bad things happened here at certain times only like the battle or hangings.

I mean if you put this place on a scale of 1 to 1 to 10 it gets a 10 of spookiness. You go down that road and that's it there is ONE way out. The woods are so overgrown and there is just this constant feeling of being watched no matter where you shine the spotlight their is always a part of this cemetery that's dark or hidden. 

Its just not a friendly place great for getting EVPs and if I heard correctly from someone I met they told me they got some excellent ghost activity here so we know for a fact the place is haunted. I expected to see and hear more but rather it was just very quiet with the odor of the deceased. 

The hanging tree that is in the cemetery is not the official one that's near downtown Brooksville but their is some truth to its existence. Some plantation owners were strict masters and they would punish slaves who were in defiance. Assuming that the only plantation was a few miles up the road I am going to take a hunch that that Chinsegut Hill Manor hung some of its slaves before the civil war. 

The town does try to maintain it once in a great while and rumors have it that various cults visit the area not sure how true it is but the vandalism is apparent. We have talked to many locals and believe it or not almost every one of them were not even aware of where this place was some lived just a mile away from the place. Its a forgotten place not even sure the local police care to patrol it how sad is that?

Some say the KKK did their hangings here its hard to say nearby is another cemetery you have to hike to get to it I do not know where it is and its probably best even I do not because that one has only three graves left. Other then that all the history I have is right here. They call the place Old Spring Hill because it was once part of the Spring Hill Community which has been overtaken by Brooksville. Brooksville has been called many names like Chocochatee Settlement, Melendez and Benton. 

It all comes down to the fact that bad things happened here and without guys like to go out there and look for such things nobody would ever recognize such forgotten locations. 


Lord Rick


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