Ocoee Cemetery is one of the very few cemeteries in the state that actually sits on the hill. Its very old and known for its various confederate soldier graves. Usually once a year the sons of the Confederate Vets hold a memorial service to honor them. There is also cannon fire which goes off during that memorial.

In addition to the very old 1800s historical area there are the graves of many Ocoee pioneers such as the Bluford Sims Family in the center of the cemetery with a large vault. Then there is a vault of the Minors family and monuments of the Maquires and Blakelys which I did capture photos of for the site here.  Much like Oakland Cemetery these people were also involved with the building of there town called Ocoee which is actually a native American word.

The cemetery is probably one of the most perfect places to ever conduct a paranormal investigation. Its location...the hill....the civil war area...etc all make a wonderful ghost walk. I had my camera literally stolen here by the unseen so I know forces are at work that I cannot explain. But nonetheless the little bridge over the creek to get in...the graves on the hill and thoughts of soldiers ghost roaming this peaceful place is enough to get anybodies heart racing!


Lord Rick-AngelOfThyNight