Subject: [SupernaturalFlorida] Last Night's Special Investigation Report
Date: 10/15/2005 5:07:30 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Mount Dora & Lake Eustis Railway
Well as you know PGS loves old trains whether they are haunted or not its the concept that ships, trains, old cars, etc are fascinating. I mean think about it how many people get to go in old train cars, steam engines, etc? So this was more of a fun thing for us but still we wanted to share it with our members.
Jason and I started walking toward the old train trestle. You could tell its old cause its held up by old wood pillars, the road underneath is very narrow, and the foundation on the sides is made of rocks and old stone blocks.
We climbed a very steep incline and approached a set of about 8 to 10 old Amtrak look alike cars. They were very large in size not like today's Amtrak coaches just to give you an example. The tracks had a lot of grass growing on them, piles of rail road ties around, debris, glass, and of course here sat these Amtrak cars all dark and desolate. Their was also a train engine nearby, dining car and old passenger car which were not Amtrak in origin but the original cars from the Mount Dora Lake Eustis Railroad.
We walked between two sets of train tracks and were surrounded by a long isle of train cars on both sides. I did not feel to comfortable here felt like we were closed in by ghost on each side of us. Actually I felt various ghost here but it seemed like they were in a dormant stage kind of like when we sleep well I felt like something was here and we might just wake it up lol.
We hopped on board the first set of train cars which were very long probably over 50 feet a piece. Every car was very similar their was blue seats, racks for luggage and every car smelled heavily of urine. The cars were very hot unlike outside which was probably 15 degrees cooler so we were feeling it here. We entered into one of the large bathrooms and the door closed locking us in hahaha. Do not worry PGS can get out of anything even straight jackets:) we did get out however and continued walking around in the train cars.
A few cars we entered I heard noises maybe like foot steps possibly. Some cars were locked so we had to get out jump down and find another entrance. But halfway through we stopped so we could check out the train engine which seemed to have a dining car on one side and luxury passenger car on the other.
We could not get into the passenger car it was bolted shut but the dining car was very similar. This car was probably the most eerie. The seats were all over the place, wine glasses shattered, food trails piled up etc. This car was a little cooler perhaps. When we exited we noticed the other train car had Illinois written on the door.
We did go back into one of the other Amtrak type of cars and noticed that their was party streamers and balloons hanging all over like something had a birthday party here. Hell would you spend your birthday in an abandoned trail car that smelled like piss and was 100 degrees? The streamers and balloons were not that old some still had air in them so we thought this was really odd.
We took some funny photos then we headed on over to the train trestle carefully walking over it. The trains seemed to keep going threw a fairly nice residential area with houses on both sides so we headed on back. Eventually we came to a railroad crossing and the tracks sort of bended around into the woods. More then likely if we kept walking we would have made it to the old train station which is now the Chamber Of Commerce for Mount Dora.
The activity was quite minimal I would not say it was full of activity but their was something here what it was I do not know probably residual. The trains here are very old from the 1800's so lots of history. The one thing I noticed is that their was a boat yard across the street and we heard a lot of odd noises coming from their. I thought to myself I am investigating the wrong places I should be in the boat yard lol. But all in all we had fun and so of course we returned to Palm Island Park to go hiking in the woods and eventually left for the Icehouse Theatre.


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