Near the borderline of the Ocala National Forest is a small town called Astor which thrives off the St. Johns River. Basically its one of these types of towns that you blink your eye and you passed by it. Almost all the roads are named after vegetables and animals quite odd. But Gobbler road is in a residential area also known as the Astor Campsites perhaps because the whole area is full of trailers that people live in. It is not exactly the nicest area to walk the people are very nosy around here rather there is a real big unwanted feeling not like a nice area. Its one of those areas that when you walk you know every three trailers has a nutcase staring out the window at you.

The story goes that there is a glowing white man that walks down this road at night. People often here of footsteps and many different people claim to see him at night. From our first investigation we have compiled data that the ghostly presence is near the only wooded section on this road where there are no trailers. Since that area has a big temperature difference. The entity here is very friendly though that is one thing I can tell you.

I do not know the history to the area it looks like its still building up but all the roads are dirt ones so its kind of one of those places that often is forgotten. The area has alot of history such as near by there is a ghost town and then you have the Ocala Forest where Indians once roamed so a ghost sighting here is not an impossibility.

I usually do not disclose the locations of our case files but one of the locals who lives in a trailer next to the woodsy part on the road is a real trouble causer so use caution. But I figure by posting the location of this place maybe with enough people checking it out we can drive this person insane haha or maybe he will move. But seriously just use caution it seems to me like the guy is a heavy drinker and likes to pick fights with those walking down the road. More of an annoyance then anything. But it just goes to show you that there is more then just a ghostly presence along this road. But this is the type of area it is redneck central. 

But the questions still remain who is the ghostly man? Where did he come from? Do the locals know something or are they hiding from the truth?





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