I have absolutely no information on this mysterious cemetery. What I can tell you is what I know from investigating. First off it dates back to the early 1800s some stones are leaning, buried in the ground, sat up against a tree one stone read I believe 1806. Their is one dirt road that runs along the cemetery and it is very wooded more or less something you would see in a horror movie. The cemetery seems to be in use but has not had any recent burials the newer ones are towards the back and their is plenty of space left as evergreen trees are scattered in the back area. Their are no lights here it is pitch black the farther you go inside so pitch black you cannot even seen some of the stones.

 The cemetery is no longer called Fish Hill however I rather call it by this name which will keep the curious trouble makers out of it. This place has to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the WNY area and honestly I can say if my digital held 100s of photos I could sit here for hours taking 100s of ectoplasm and ghost shots. The ghost here are very friendly they are not afraid to touch, breeze past you, show themselves, walk around and they do show up on film at ease without any anger. 

Their are many ghost visible from our first investigation and I did not find out about this place till recently after I was told this was a very haunted place and I should check it out which I did. We captured every type of phenomena here a rod, apparitions, orbs of light, ectoplasm wrapped around stones, faces, Ect and had quite a few experiences in just a short amount of time totally amazing really. What is even more amazing is that I only took roughly 19 digital photos here and 15 came back if not all with ectoplasm or apparitions. 

The cemetery is very well kept considering its age but some stones are very hard to read and some just our leaning which makes it all the more eerie to walk around in. We may plan a second trip here we are not sure yet I mean we got so many apparition shots in such a short time we really have no need to revisit here since we seen it with our eyes it is greatly haunted. But this has to me my new current favorite cemetery as far as ghost activity goes and their is plenty of that here!!

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