Subj: [ParanormalGhostSociety] Tonight's Investigation/Adventure Reports  
Date: 9/7/2003 5:04:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time 
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Tonight was a very large adventure for our group since most out of town trips involve alot of investigating, driving and more places then usual. The team and I headed out around 7pm out to the Jamestown area we made fairly good timing towards that way and this time I was able to memorize the directions since I been out this way to Warren a few times. On our way up their I had plans to visit a old school house and for some reason I did not see like it vanished or perhaps it was hidden by the greenery so I was disappointed about that. We did however visit the Erie Train Station, The Forest House, Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery and Finished off the night with Hollenbeck cemetery which has a fable about a headless horsemen. We had many things happen to us tonight much activity and even a terrifying experience. We also had plans to visit a large institution or college however it was currently in the restoration process and so that halted our investigation there. As we entered the town of Jamestown our journey started here.

The Erie Railroad Station

This place turned out to be bigger then I thought. The clock alone on the front of the station was enough to give you some sense of uneasiness. We walked around the station and noticed that it was built in the hillside and on one side was a long ways down to the train tracks. We did enter a very wide open area with a bathroom to the right, a odd room with some wooden office and then the main lobby itself. This area reminded me alot like Central Terminal Station with very high ceilings, ticket booths etc. Their were many old benches toward the back area of the lobby. We did shine our lights when about 20 pigeons went wild it was quite startling as it seemed to be raining white bird droppings everywhere. In the lobby we noticed a stairwell going up and to the right a stairwell going down. We entered the downstairs area this floor had a few rooms one room I did not like. The room looked like a mine with dirt, wooden supports and even a wooden plank. It just felt like it did not belong in a train station. We then worked our way into the basement area this pretty much has a long hall an a couple little rooms. This area felt alot cooler then the rest of the train station. 

We then decided to head back upstairs to the lobby. When we arrived their in the hall beforehand I thought I heard a man clearing his voice it was as clear as ever. I thought maybe its the pigeons but it sounded too human in nature.  We then headed to the ticket counter. Their was many things left behind and it had that old feel to it. I did not like the ticket office I felt like something was standing their with me when I was in that room alone. Finally we decided to go to the winding stairwell to the second floor. This floor was very well lit due to the street lamps and the clock was now visible that covers the front of the building. Their were a few rooms probably at one time offices one of them seemed to lead out to the roof. We did find a staircase made out of metal leading to a small loft and attic area. We took it up and it looked like an archives room but all made of oak many shelves and wooden cabinets it was very warm here. 

We finally decided to head on out of here so we left this old train station it was more fun and adventurous then haunted. Although one thing that I could not help noticing here is that I heard voices or mumbling throughout our exploration of the place. Also the crime scene tape all over gave it even a more foreboding feeling. The building is very gothic looking and certain areas did have some cooler spots but after about 20 minutes here we all got that chased out type of feeling so whatever is here probably is meant or wishes to perhaps be alone in solitude. We then headed out to the van after a very steep climb up a hill. It was quite a challenge but we all had no problem getting to the top. We then decided to sit down and plan out our next adventure.

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More photos from this investigation coming in the future!!!!