Colby Lake where it all began how ironic indeed that this is the spot where it all happened in the 1800s the forming of Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. A man born in Pike NY in 1848 was a very talented medium. Over the years after attending a Séance in NY presumably Lily Dale I would imagine which was established as a spiritual camp in 1879. During the Séance he received from his spirit guide a prophecy that he would be the founder of a spiritualist community in the south. 

In 1875 George Colby came here by River Boat Thursby's Landing at Blue Springs a place we will talk about in a future investigation. At the time Colby was very ill suffering from TB. He walked slowly hunched over away from the river boat hiking through the pine forest wilderness of what today is known as Orange City and the Lake Helen area; which at that time was heavily wooded and some parts of it are still today. His spirit guide a Seneca Indian guided him through an area with various lakes and uncommon hills which is quite rare for Florida Terrain. 

 According to legend he was led by three non-corporeal beings - Seneca, The Philosopher, and Unknown. When he found a spot near Lake Colby he built a cruse log cabin and homestead. The entities had chosen 35 acres for him and Colby was taken by the fresh air, outdoor exercise and a hidden mystical spring which he found near his cabin. He claimed that the fresh air and mystical spring cured him.  Although a good  hike from downtown Cassadaga Colby at this point deeded 35 to 55 acres which would be used to build the spiritualist camp which was incorporated through the Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association which was also founded in 1894. Most members up near Lily Dale or rather WNY had taken the Cassadaga name and used it down here. The association was able to use there funding to create the wonderful community it is today.

At the time Colby settled in his homestead at the same time a man by the name of T.D. Giddings from Wisconsin was also a medium and had settled on the land. He was also a spiritualist and in 1895 both men deeded the land they owned together  for the spiritualist camp and community named Cassadaga. The word Cassadaga is an Native American term it means "Rocks Beneath The Water" Rumor has it that Cassadaga sits on Ley lines or a place of power. Which in turn allows the psychics to give thorough readings by feeling out the vibrations from the land.

In 1895 was an odd year the great freeze took place then the town began to grow as in 1897 a 400 seat auditorium was built. Then the Brigham Hall was erected 1902. In 1910 three deep rock wells were dug to provide the locals with water. In 1923 the Colby Temple was constructed then in 1923 a mysterious fire burnt down the Cassadaga Hotel which also is known for its Hauntings Five years later it was rebuilt as this community's hardships would not stop Colby from his goals. In 1932-1933 George Colby passed away and was buried at the Lake Helen Cassadaga Cemetery.

In 1982 some scientist wanted to know the secret behind the Cassadaga Psychics. They tested two mediums to learn if their brain waves during a trance differed from normal non-trance brain activity In 1992 Cassadaga was recognized as a historical site. Then in 1994 the Centennial of the community was celebrated.  But what is more interesting is that satellite photos show a strange aura surrounding this town.

Around that time the first murder that ever took place here occurred. Sad to say it would not be the last since in 2003 a man killed a young boy and his grandmother. The man scattered the remains of the boy and even though they found his bones they never did find his head. The grandmother has yet to be found. Some at the time seen this man back in the woods of the Lake Colby area they believe that at that time is when he was dumping the remains and hiding them. Residents of Cassadaga have tried to help police find the remains. So sad to say the woods near Colby lake have been tainted by such a hideous crime.

Also recently my friend Melissa told me a story which happened near the woods of Colby lake. A friend of hers who owns a ranch type of home has a few dogs. The entire property is surrounded by a fence. Well she said that he went to spend the night else where and the next day came home to find his dog missing chunks out of its body. The dog was mutilated particularly around the neck area. He called the game warden out and they told me that the bite marks do not match any animal in those woods or in the state of Florida. The bite marks the dog suffered were very large and whatever it was had enough power to take large chunks out of the dog. The dogs he owned I believe were Rottwielers  Etc so it was a big dog. To this day he cannot figure out what climbed the fence and killed his dog. Our organization believes at this point it is some kind of Cryptid.  

Volusia country back in the early 1990s had purchased at least 100 acres of land surrounding Colby lake so most of the area back there is very secluded lots of woods and many Native American type of trails some of them which we hiked on. So anything can hide up in these woods Florida Skunk Ape and what I believe is the Chupacabras a species which attacks cows, goats, and dogs usually drinking its blood. But its jaws are very large so large bite marks are a possibility.

My friend also told me her sister in law at night hears chanting and various rituals that take place out in the woods.  Some say there is a ley line here and where there are ley lines there sometimes are portals or vortexes and sometimes things can slip into our dimension which perhaps does not belong here. 

On our second investigation a creature which sounded prehistoric and very large. The creature followed us through the woods all the way to the ruins and circled around us. Eventually it started to close in and vanished. But whatever it is the dogs in the vicinity of some cottages can sense it and there seems to be more then one. Its a very intelligent creature perhaps is bipedal, about our height and seems to move fast at times perhaps like it can leap as we heard it in some of the trees and walking around. But the fact remains that quite a few have seen strange creatures near these woods and even the founder of Cassadaga mentioned something unknown or alien like following him in these woods. But this is a creature that can communicate, its fast, it can go right through brush without a problem, and obviously to approach two of us holding swords then vanish it obviously is very intelligent. According to Lee it seems to be an ambush type of creature where it follows you and corners you. 

When I set off hiking in the woods of Colby Park I had wondered to myself what ever happened to the Colby Residence? Well honestly as I thought it does still exist. But it sits hidden by under brush, vines, trees. What is left of it is a stone fire place, shed, log cabin, garage, pillars, wood beams, stone stairwell and a stone foundation. We were so fascinated by our finds because this seems to me to be the most haunted and active area of Cassadaga. There is many mixed feelings back in the park and trails feelings of being watched, moans, cold spots, branches breaking etc. Perhaps once the sun goes down this is not such a serene place after all. But today its a make out spot for lovers I would assume.

But since our first investigation in the woods and around the park the trails have been widened and alot of brush has been cleaned up. There is roughly 14 different sites that are here. One of them is where a hotel once stood hidden in the woods we still have yet to find the foundation. Then there is a bamboo tree which grows out of a small creek in the woods. There is a a carriage barn, well, and also some springs. So there is alot to see however some trails are unmarked which probably have some secrets of there own. 

Now lets talk a little bit about Cassadaga today. If you were to approach the front gates to enter the town what you would see is many small cottages and a few giant houses which also sit in various parts outside of the town. There is an eerie feeling here as most locals just watch you. You see kids toys all over but you never see any kids. The town has over 100 psychics, mediums, astrologers, and palm readers. How accurate they are well lets put it this way 5 out of 5 people I have talked to said they were 100 percent accurate in there readings. 

Many of the dirt roads in Cassadaga are very narrow and cross down many rolling hills which the cottages sit right on. Near by one can enjoy a stroll to Colby Lake or sit at the prayer garden. Some attend church at the Colby Temple while others attend meditations. As a very small southern town this one is very quiet there is no laugher or horse play in the streets. Past a certain time at night nobody is outside not even on there porches. There are no stores, gas stations or anything even like that. Its a very old fashioned town.

At one time in the late 1800s it was all started by tents that were set up around the camps until eventually others took trains and river boats to migrate into the area. At that time the supplies was brought in to construct cottages at that time you could purchase one for $400. Before there were cars stage coaches with horses would take others into town. Today only two descendents remain from when Cassadaga was originally started. 

Now in 2004 Cassadaga is the known as the oldest spiritualist community in the south east and  is know as “The Psychic Center of the World”. Is it haunted well you tell me based on our investigations a compilations of stories from other members something mystical surrounds the entire town whether it would be ghost, metaphysical occurrences, miracles, or a unknown beast that hides in the forest there is something out there for everybody in this serene place of spirituality.

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I  received an email from someone browsing our site that back in the early 80s..perhaps late 70's a group of friends had hung out together. Back around that time the Colby Ruins was standing it had two stories. He stated that a few friends had planned to spend the night in the house on Halloween. He said that everybody had backed out perhaps being to scared to do so. That same night he said it burnt down and was in the newspaper the next day. They thought the house was burnt down by vandals as it was there many years before. He said that he and his friends were in the attic talking about spending the night before it burned down and felt that perhaps it was an angry spirit that caused this. He felt that perhaps maybe what was here did not want anybody at the house hanging out. 


For anybody visiting Colby park in the after hours at night please be advised there is a group of guys that hides out there and they attack others who venture into the park. If you decide to visit Colby lake at night please use caution. You can arm yourselves or go as a group but do not go alone. I can give you more information privately if you contact me. I do not want to see others get hurt is all we care! Also for those that are doing this I do advise you to stop because if I revisit this park and I see it happening it will be the last time it will. 

Also be very careful hiking at night on these trails. I know after people read about our second investigation they will try to be brave and venture into these woods at night but these woods are very unfriendly and there is something that is very territorial and lurks these woods whether its a unknown animal, Cryptid, creature etc etc the research into this is ongoing. Keep in mind we are professionals we spend alot of time in the woods and dealing with Cryptids and know what to do and not to do.  Nonetheless whatever is here deserves respect and must be taken with caution so use common sense when visiting this area.


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