Subj: [ParanormalGhostSociety] Tonight's Investigation Report  
11/8/2003 9:00:28 AM Eastern Standard Time 
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Chandlers Valley Cemetery

This probably was the largest of the 5 cemeteries we went to on day 1 in the Warren/Kinzua area. I loved this cemetery as Jim, Cher, Liz and myself went all separate ways. I walked mainly along the backside which had some hills and woods. It was pretty unusual because Liz mentioned something moving around in one of the corners of the cemetery where there was a trail going down in the woods. I also felt uneasy in that corner there were a lot of children stones. 

We both walked over there and I captured 2-3 Ectoplasmic energy shots. Cher captured an apparition up in the trees. There was also 2-3 other areas which seemed to have a lot of ectoplasm. I believe the reason for our success here is we spent a little more time walking around and we were able to spread out more and investigate the area. With 4 of us taking photos we were able find the more active areas of the cemetery. 

We walked back to the car and I caught some apparitions following us based on the photos I took. It was peaceful for the most part but I do believe this cemetery has a lot of potential as far as further investigations go. So perhaps Jim and Cher can check it out more and keep us posted. Then we headed off to Jackson Run Cemetery.


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