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Cave Rock Lake Tahoe

Cave Rock for over a century has been surrounded by myths deriving from the Washoe Native Tribes who came here during the summers to perform rituals and ceremonies. It perhaps may just be one of the most sacred sites in this region. Other names for Cave Rock are "Dao w ga" or "The Lake" since this is also one of the best locations to view all of Lake Tahoe
at its worth the hike to the top.

When the miners moved on in and loggers this forced the tribe to move further east into parts of north western NV. The tribe would visit the Cave Rock region to gather seeds, reeds for basket making and medicinal herbs.

Cave Rock stands about 360 feet high and about 800 feet in width. It is the remnant of the throat of an ancient extinct volcano. That volcano was said to have erupted about 5 million years ago. How I know that is on top of the rock their is volcanic rock which resembles similarity of other volcanic sites in the high sierras.

When Lake Tahoe formed a few million years ago the water levels were much higher however over time its been proven that Tahoe's waters can fluctuate. The waves for thousands of years battered this rock thus causing the forming of various caves that today can be seen from almost anywhere from the lake itself.

In 1865 when the pioneers came to the area they built a stone road that went around Cave Rock. You can still see some of that road today however its no longer in use. In 1931 the same crew that blasted the tunnel up in Mt. Zion Utah
were selected to blast through Cave Rock which would create the Lincoln Highway.

At the time this was tribal land and our government took it upon themselves to blast through the rock only for a second bore to be created in 1957. This enraged the Washoe tribe as this was a very sacred site and I also read somewhere that it is a burial ground. Only a Washoe medicine men are allowed to visit this site based on their beliefs and till this day many of them are still the same believe it or not.

Later over the years the rock climbers came on in repelling from the top of the rock that is when it was banned. The stakes and gear has since then been removed as a way to preserve the site so that it does not get any further damaged. Not only that but this is a place of power and the natives felt that anyone who came in contact with this rock may not know how to deal with the spiritual power. This power may be a curse....haunting or possibly energies we should not reckon with so its hard to say what exactly the natives mean by this.

However hiking around or even on this rock is not illegal as long as you respect the land. Since our government now owns a portion of the rock and road that travels over 80 feet through it women are not banished from this site. However the Washoe tribe feelings differently as there practices do not allow women to visit let alone even look at this sacred place. If you view our third video in the videos section at the crown of Cave Rock you can see towards the end of the video that their are petroglyphs that I didn't even realize I filmed. This is a very old site and more then likely has been used for over 500 plus years for ceremonies and other spiritual practices.

There are a few strange stories associated with Rock Cave the first is about a ghost story or spirit that others have sighted called "The Lady Of The Lake" some say they have seen her in front of the mouth to one of the larger caves. Who is she? Maybe she was sacrificed to the lake monster or serpentine of Lake Tahoe afterall in Lake Erie it was said a maiden was sacrificed so that peace would come to the tribe in return.  Maybe she was sacrificed to these creatures of the lake known as "Water Babies" which will get into in a little bit.

I have read ghost stories about the cave and I did climb up into to check it out. I didn't honestly feel much of anything their was allot of bird dropping and feathers. As you look out from within the cave you can see a very good portion of Lake Tahoe and I am almost sure that is the one thing that has not changed here in thousands of years. People who boat often say you can see the Ladies face gazing out from the darkness peering and those who pass on by the cave itself.

Another strange story or rumor is that beneath the outcropping of Cave Rock is an underwater cave where Lake Tahoe's Tessie is said to reside. This underwater dwelling is more then likely a lava tube which is said to be quite deep and large. I read that divers went on into the cave to find what looked like the ground had giant flipper prints similar to a the creature we call the Lochness Monster or a plesiosaurus.

However sightings confirm that Tessie is more like a serpent with a body as wide as a burial and as long as a city bus. The colors range from black to green to turquoise. The two areas sightings occur most is Emerald Bay
and near the out cropping of Cave Rock.  We once had a member send a photo of what appears to be a 100' serpent like creature in the water perhaps under Tahoe is an underwater cavern that might lead somewhere else where this creature could sustain itself or remain elusive.

In the 1800's the natives passed along stories to the pioneers of small power creatures they called water babies which were said to be the young of Tessie. They were also said to be very strong and not a force to reckon with. These stories scared the locals and that may have been all it was perhaps is a tactic to get the white man to leave the area. Considering how the loggers came to the area in the 1800's they nearly cut down the entire ancient forest that once surrounded Lake Tahoe. However the Shamans and medicine men stated that these water babies could in fact blind or kill a man. Maybe what we are dealing with is a giant snake afterall they can swim in the water and cause injury. Look at the African Rock Pythons they crush their pray then devour it so the tribe definitely warned their children never to wander far from camp.

The final strange legend that surrounds cave rock is that at one time from atop of it you could view a Thunderbird that use to nest in the center of the lake. More or less it probably dove down into the lake to catch and eat the bountiful supply of fish that Tahoe currently has. The thunderbird was said to have gone extinct however today their are sightings and some native tribes believe it is as real as you and I.  Although I referred to it as a thunderbird in fact the Washoe called it Ong and it was said to live near Tahoe's shore somewhere in the middle of the lake it had a nest. Based on the fact their is no islands that are visible but the one in the bay more then likely the bird nested on one of the lakes peninsulas. The bird was a man eater while it devoured one tribal man another one was throwing arrow heads in its mouth as when it ate its eyes seem to have closed. Legend has it the bird died and during a storm fell into the depths of the lake.

There was also tales of a large giant that lived in a cave not to far from Cave Rock itself. I cannot tell you where because it may have been lost during ancient time. However giants did roam this region we have proof of that with our Giants Cave Expedition out near Lovelock NV.  Only this giant seemed to be alone and preyed upon the natives who were weaker or solo wanderers from the tribe itself.

The final legend that has been passed around for centuries is a story about these creatures called "Water Babies" which were said to cause death and illness. The healers often brought gifts to these creatures. I always felt since they seem to derive mainly from Tahoe and Cave Rock that it is possible these were technologically advanced beings. Maybe their power derived from technology and they came not from the sky but the depths of Tahoe. We have solid proof that anomalies did ascend from North Lake Tahoe as we collected evidence from Slide Mountain Nevada and even strangeness at Maggie's Peak which is visible from Cave Rock. Could these water babies of Cave rock still exist and if so do we have definitive proof of that during an expedition in the region on August 17, 2014? What the natives may have seen as power I see as technology and perhaps these creatures might have made their homes at the bottom depths of Tahoe!

No matter what the story is Cave Rock is a beautiful sacred place that is of great honor to our society. Not just for the hiking but to stand on top of this ancient site is a powerful feeling. Now all that remains is for us to uncover its mysteries and lore!

Copyright By
Lord Rick
Author, Producer and Talk Show Host


**Watch ONLY on Full Screen or via HD Televisions in a darker setting**

The documentary and compelling footage you are about to see transpired from an incident that occurred from atop of Slide Mountain as heavy fog rolled in from the North Lake Tahoe region around Crystal and Carnelian Bays the deepest parts within this body of water. We highly recommend you watch the video either on an HD television with youtube compatibility or you view it on full screen via youtube. Keep in mind we filmed these objects at over a distance of 14 miles away through a thick layer of fog consuming the Tahoe basin.

The story behind this footage is rather simple a very large gold object rose out of the waters to the NW of Lake Tahoe. It was so bright it blinded me I took the photo only to see it quickly power down break apart in multiple pieces one of them propelled itself thousands of miles of hours through the clouds while smaller portions remained behind scouting the area around Stateline peninsula. This is some of the only UFO footage in the world that does show objects teetering between to regions/states at the very same time one being Nevada on one side this peninsula the other side being California on the other side. Thus the footage is one of a kind and the objects do appear to have an objective as some ascend and descend. 

Some of the objects are hard to see but they do flash, strobe and appear randomly over water, trees while others appear to have landed in the woods themselves.  As I continue to film the objects the last few minutes of this film intensify in brightness and the lengths of time they seem to appear.

In theory people with a trained eye perhaps a good UFOLOGIST understands that what we captured here is a very special event and what it is we have here so refrain from rudeness and use this footage to learn about how the inner workings of technologically advanced craft. I referred to it as a UFO battalion because if you closely watch the objects some appear, disappear while others move at such great speeds they can appear within a second or two miles apart.

I have included still enhanced images of the objects within the documentary by darkening the objects so that their luminosity could be enhanced prior or after each sighting throughout the video however I did not do this for every object so can you spot all of them?

At the time I filmed this video I did it blindly although I could see the objects flashing, hovering and moving around but in my view finder to my cam they just were not showing up. I was extremely shocked to bring home the footage to actually see we did capture them. This video is better to be watched in a dark room you are more then welcome to download it, scrutinize it and come to your own conclusion.

I believe in theory that what I witnessed is a USO that had risen out of the water then eventually transformed itself into a UFO. It is hard to say what the smaller probes, drones or craft are doing. Could it be possible their is an alien base deep below the depths of Lake Tahoe? YOU DECIDE!

This event was witnessed by four of us which just confirms and backs up our story as to what we are witnessing. Just after the event a strong military presence was found in Tahoe we believe the two are connected somehow.

The highlight of this UFO footage is at the 16:58 time stamp where you see one object to the left strobing, second object in the woods to the right and a third object flashing above the trees on the peninsula. These objects are at least 15 times smaller then the original ship that ascended out of Carnelian Bay.

The early Washoe tribe once dealt with powerful creatures at Lake Tahoe they called the "Water Babies" who were said to cause death and illness. Some said it was a good omen to see them or was it when you seen there craft?  They came from the depths of Tahoe much like the object did. What the ancients seen as power we see in this video advanced technology caught on film. I believe that we have linked the connections to the legends to these objects you see in the film in theory our research has
paved an entirely new way of how our past connects with our future!




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