Subj: [ParanormalGhostSociety] Birmington Alabama's Investigation Report.... 
Date: 5/28/2006 10:51:51 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Birmingham Zoo
I am not sure how haunted the zoo is but the area the zoo surrounds is very old with a lot of lush fauna, woods etc and it seems the zoo was built on into it. Many of the structures here are quite old like at one time it was the site of a plantation and there is a lot of energy here. A lot of people tend to forget that human looking ghost are not the only ones people see their are animal spirits as well. At the entrance some parrots greeted us they were petty tame letting me come up to them .
We started off at the gift shop its a pretty cool place just to expensive so we headed on over to the petting zoo which had a barn with owls, goats, chickens, a giant boar, cow etc the barn looked very old. The one thing I feel when going into any barn is spirits of animals always have. The kids enjoyed petting the animals. Nearby was an old house with a windmill, garden, and scarecrow.
Further up the trail was an old cabin which had a deer head, stuffed owl, baby gators, and other artifacts. Eventually going through the woods it took us to the white alligator now this thing was cool. I never seen an albino gator its very rare and for me to see one really was a treat. Eventually we cooled off in the mist walking around a turtle pond which had these giant tadpoles.
Eventually after this we went to the picnic area had lunch nearby was these tanks with fish and turtles in them. It was a really pleasant getaway sometimes I wish I worked for such a zoo with such awesome animals. We also seen an old truck which I jumped up into that was fun.
After lunch we hit the lion and tiger den. The tiger was going crazy which to me worried me cause you see the whole reason I planned the zoo is to observe how the animals were acting in case those fragments were to hit earth. The tiger was pacing quickly and well the lion was quite relaxed sitting up on a rock. We seen some zebras which were a little yancy but nothing to out of the ordinary. In one of the cat cages one of them was going nuts this started to worry me a little it just ran constantly back and forth. Same thing with these ferrets we seen in one display.
We also went to see the Giraffes they were acting very depressed resting up against the walls not even moving. The same thing with the rhino and the elephant kept pacing fast back and forth. We see the ostriches up close they were not acting to bizarre one was pacing. Then I took Ariel and Christi to the Butterfly garden that was the coolest thing. We had hundreds of butterflies flying all around us. I remember as a child I would chase them and spend hours collecting them. Things were so much simpler as a child remember them days?
We also seen a Buffalo damn those ones were very large so for all you Buffalo Fans of the group that gave me a taste of my home city. There are some days I really miss Buffalo still. At least people up there were blunt and honest unlike down south. Anyhow we did get to see hippos they were in water the one kept looking up at me. I think that was the first hippos I ever seen before so that was quite awesome. They also had a rhino cage nearby which my kids jumped up inside.
We did go to the bird sanctuary and the birds were acting weird. I had one fly past my head missing me by a few inches. I then went to see the monkeys and of course they were acting like most apes at most zoos. Some were swinging, eating bugs, playing with eachother and hugging. One of them I gave the middle finger to and he got so mad. Everytime I did it he would raise his eye brows and stand in a firm stance. It was the best part of the zoo.   I came out to this one area and an ant eater was pacing back and forth real quickly. I was pretty inquisitive wondering if the animals could sense a possible disaster or these fragments passing earth around this time.
Lastly we went to see the reptiles seen a few 12 foot gators lounging in the swamps, some poisonous snakes, watched two turtles biting eachother, and seen a sea lion which was going nuts in the water.. It was all and all a great time. I did not get to ride the train its amazing how you pay a hefty fee to get in and yet they still charge you 10 bucks for a simple train ride around the zoo.
The whole point of the zoo was not just for fun but actually it was an experiment on the psychic ability of animals.  It seemed in my opinion the animals were acting very weird or bothered by something perhaps the comet fragments. As a paranormal group we cover all aspects of the odd whether its ghost, bigfoot, UFOs, and even metaphysical abilities in animals.
You are not going to see many paranormal photos but I will share my zoo photos on site of the animals and my visit there so I am sure many of you will get a kick out of the pictures. Other then that I came back to the hotel room we played football for a little bit outside then headed off before sundown to Birmingham Oak Hill Cemetery.


Are Animals Psychic? We have a desert cat pacing constantly, a depressed giraffe, an alligator that could not stay still, a cobra constantly expanding its neck, an elephant pacing, a sea lion acting disturbed, and an iguana hitting the glass. Perhaps they are trying to tell us something!

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Ghost Of Birmingham Zoo?

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