Subj: [SupernaturalFlorida] This Weekends Adventure Report 
Date: 3/14/2006 5:38:41 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Annie Lytle School #4
We drove around the school a few times and could not believe that the thruway overpass was just a few feet away from its upper floor. The building was very gothic looking all covered in vines, brush, with many carvings within the building trim.
We walked through the park where many homeless were sleeping on various benches and some guy was watching us walking down the sidewalk. It was not a friendly area although I seen a couple holding eachother walking so I said what the hell what's a few paranormal investigators.
We arrived in front of the school and started slowly walking around it. Honestly I could not take a lot of photos cause recently with all the cult activity in the building the city made it a felony to even be standing near the school. Its ashamed for investigators who appreciate its history.
We walked around to a court yard which was overgrown and full of debris. Jason entered into the auditorium where the whole roof collapsed. I looked inside and seen a lot of graffiti there were halls leading to offices, classrooms and other areas in the school. I had Jason take a couple shots inside but we could not explore the school further cause Lynda stayed back at the gas station, Ariel could not make the high climb and I was not going to let Jason or Ariel be alone.
So this investigation will have two parts to it where our second investigation we will take a bigger team inside. Anyhow we went to the second courtyard and there was movement back here. I heard debris moving around, branches breaking, and something rubbing up against the brush.
I shined my light back here and we walked all slowly together. When we reached the end of the courtyard it was empty nobody was back here at the dead end. What was this something ghostly I would say it does not get anymore eerie then this knowing something big was moving around and nobody was around.
We then decided to take a few outside photos very few cause the outside has photo sensitive flood lights so yeah not many photos I got here so an inside part 2 investigation will be essential to this historical haunted place.
We did get off a few photos then we decided to move on out and call it a night. The area was full of homeless, people walking the streets, cars moving down streets slow at 4am. But it was a nice place to visit I did notice on one wall an upside down pentagram and a few cold spots in some areas. Ariel said the same thing about me that the second courtyard had a presence an area others have told me
I also noticed that the basement entrance was sealed with concrete so we hope to visit the catacombs on our second trip.
In conclusion  to the report we had a nice time these places may require second investigations but it was out first trip out towards Jacksonville and the Amelia Island area which has many civil war tales, ghost stories, and oddities. I would like to see more involved.
I would like to thank Lynda for her hospitality wow we had some much fun during the investigation and after as well lol. It was nice to be able to not have to drive all the way home.
My drive home was quite abnormal so far every single weekend for the last few straight weeks something has happened to my car. Well we were only about 30 miles from home when the car over heated, the fan blew on the radiator and on top of it blew my head gasket.
Ariel was enjoying her suntan while I got the car working for another 10 miles till it no longer would run then we got towed home thank goodness for Triple AAA. I hope to have my car fixed or another one by the weekend so an investigation probably will be postponed and possibly meet up if I cannot resolve the problem soon.
We did get home all of us fairly tired but it was a nice adventure and we also found some other areas up in Jacksonville we will be bringing you stories on in the future. I will be making up the last few days of sends I apologize I just been really tired and pissed off about my car. I seem to be good at blowing up vehicles lately could use someone to help me with the driving down the road. Peace
PGS Founder

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