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Each Gateway will contain roughly 280 places investigated this is to help better organize our investigations. However the amount of investigations per place can be unlimited in each gateway so please note this.

Warning: Some of these places are dangerous, some abandoned, some require permission to visit so please use caution. By browsing our portals you agree that you cannot hold us liable or responsible. We will always respect every location and we can only hope you do. PGS does NOT pass out locations so do not ask they are meant to be appreciated and a learning experience for our viewers nothing more nothing less.

As Of July 1st 2011 Our 4th Portal Page is now open. Below in each portal you will find 40 places that we investigated much like a chapter in our journeys. Feel free to click on a portal button and read all about these places listed below. Some portals will not be open until places are listed in them! These portals are very special as we delve much deeper into the Sierra Nevadas then ever before!

1. Leviathan Mountain 2. Devil's Ladder 3. Blue Lakes California 4. Hope Valley 5. Crater Lake California & The Alhambra Mine 6. Sunset Lakes & Mount Raymond 7. Wadsworth Fraternal Cemetery 8. Wadsworth Memorial Cemetery 9. Dayton's Rock Point Mill 10. Flume Trail At Spooner & Marlette Lakes 11. Wolf Creek 12. Camp Kitt Carson 13. Highland Lakes 14. Desolation Wilderness 15. Bowers Mansion & Cemetery 16. Palmetto Nevada 17.Fort Churchill & Buckland Station 18. Virginia & Truckee Train Yard 19. Coloma California 20. Bayley House 21. Foresthill Historic Cemetery 22. Last Chance 23. Michigan Bluff 24. Deadwood California 25. Fredericksburg Cemetery 26. The Loganbill Ranch 27. Pine Grove Nevada 28. Genoa Historic Cemetery 29. Mottsville Historic Cemetery 30. Happy Hunting Grounds Cemetery 31. Hot Springs Canyon 32. Giant's Cave (Great Basin) 33. Rochester Nevada 34. Donovan's Mill 35. Washoe Club 36. Union Mill 37. Virginia Cities Comstock Trail 38. Winchester Mystery House 39. La Misión de Nuestro Padre San Francisco de Asis 40. Neptune Society Columbarium




1. Muir Beach & Pirates Cove 2. Reyes Point 3. San Francisco Maritime National Park 4. Alcatraz
5. Dayton Historic Cemetery 6. Tragedy Springs 7. Iron Mountain Ski Resort & Lodge 8. Bodie California (1000th Investigation) 9. Chemung Mill & Mine 10. Masonic 11. Nelson's Landing 12. Big Tree National Forest 13. Vallecito Old Stone Quarry 14. Julia Bulette Red Light Museum 
15. Dangberg Ranch  16. NV State Museum and Carson City Mint  17. NV State Capitol Building
18. Bennettsville California  19. Yosemite 20. Jobs Peak 21. Sierra Canyon & Genoa Peak 22. Bear River Reservoir 23. Forestdale Divide & The Elephants Back 24. Gardnerville Garden Cemetery 25.  Sugarloaf Mountain & Mill 26.Virginia Cities China Slums 27. Our Mother Of Sorrows Cemetery 28. Reno Hilltop Cemetery 29. Grand Army Of The Republic Cemetery 30. Bentley Home 31. Stead Naval Facility 32. Carson Welsh Pioneer Cemetery 33. Luning Magnesium & Artinite Mill 34. Mina Nevada 35. Sodaville Nevada 36. St. Mary's In The Mountains 37. Flowery Peak 38. Seven Troughs & Tunnel Nevada 39. Star City NV 40. Winnemucca Historic Cemetery

1. Woodfords Manor School & Cary Peak 2. Yellow Jacket Mine & Crown Point Mill 3. Silver City Mining District (Gold Hill) 4. Mogul Peak & Colorado Hill (Morningstar Mine) 5. Gold Canyon & Johntown 6. Sly Valley 7. Margaret Lake 8. Noble & Bull Lake California  9. Devils Lake 10. Shaelor Lakes 11. Silver Lake & Thunder Mountain 12. Meiss & Round Lake 13. Round Top Peak Expedition 14. Apple Hill California 15. Nine Mile House Cemetery 16. Placerville Old City Cemetery 17. Indian Creek Reservoir 18. Minden Eastview Cemetery 19. Decker Homestead 20. Burnside Lake 21. Lake Dardanelles  22. Old Stewart Indian School 23. St. Mary's Louise Hospital (Art Center) 24. Mackay Mansion 25. The Sierra Triangle 26. The Carson Hills 27. Folsom Lake California 28. Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery 29. Volcano Masonic Caves  30. Volcano Catholic Cemetery 31. Volcano Protestant Cemetery 32. St. George Hotel & Saloon 33. Salt Springs Reservoir (ElDorado Forest & Mokelumne Wilderness) 34. Dutch Flat German Cemetery 35. Dutch Flat Chinese Cemetery
36. Dutch Flat California 37. Donner Lake & Summit Transcontinental Railroad Tunnels  38. Grantsville Nevada  39. Showers Lake 40. Kings Canyon & C-Hill Nevada


1. Five Lakes & Whiskey Creek 2. Elephants Back Monster Expedition 3. Scott's Lake 4. Mount Tallac 5. Nevada State Orphans Aslyum/Sunny Acres 6. Slide Mountain 7. Emerald Point Lake Tahoe & The Rubicon Trail 8. Maggies Peak 9. Old Mormon Fort Station Genoa NV 10. 4th Ward Historic School Virginia City 11. Virginia City Hebrew Cemetery 12. Hobart Reservoir & Red House 13. Empire Nevada & The Carson River Canyon 14. Hawes Station 15. Lake Lahontan's Williams Station 16. Thompsom Smelter 17. Nordyke Nevada 18. Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar 19. Ponderosa Saloon & Belcher Mine 20. Reno Historic Hebrew Cemetery  21. Robb Canyon/Rainbow Ridge Park Reno 22. Hudson Nevada 23. Valley Grove Cemetery  24. Hillcrest Cemetery 25. Cold Springs Nevada 26. Wonder Nevada 27. Hercules Nevada 28. Unionville Nevada 29. Lovelock's Lone Mountain Historic Cemetery 30. Lovelock Chinese Cemetery  31. Sierra City California 32. Kentucky Mill & Mine 33. Snag Lake California 34. Sierraville California 35. Sagehen Meadows & The Stampede Reservoir 36. Austin Nevada 37. Austin Cemeteries 38. Hess Ranch 39. Kingston Nevada 40. Nevada Toquima Cave & Spencer's Hotsprings


1.  Boca California 2. Kyburz Flat & Sardine Peak 3. Susanville Historic Cemetery 4. Bizz Johnson Railroad 5. Subway Cave 6. Cinder Cone (Lassen Volcanic National Monument) 7. Squaw Valley (Shirley Lake & Canyon) 8. Loon Lake & Devil's Peak 9. Independence Lake 10. Webber Lake & Lacey Meadows (Stage Stop & Hotel) 11. Meadow Lake (Ghost Town) 12. Cronin Ranch 13. Pilot HIll Cemetery 14. Gold Bug Mine & Park 15. Salmon Falls 16. Sacramento Old City Cemetery 17. Big Grove 18. Iowa Hill


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